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The Rose Garden
A Trip Through The Garden: The Rose Garden Collection

The Rose Garden - A Trip Through The Garden: The Rose Garden Collection

Expanded for the very first time, The Rose Garden’s sole album finally gets the deep-dive examination it deserves with A Trip Through The Garden: The Rose Garden Collection. Beyond the twelve tracks released in 1967 (the original ten-track album and two songs from a post-album single release), this newly restored and remastered CD adds 14 previously unissued tracks. They include five live tracks recorded in August of 1967 at Chaminade High School in Canoga Park plus studio outtakes, acetate tracks, and a special rehearsal. Gene Clark was involved with The Rose Garden after leaving The Byrds and furnished them with an acetate of songs to choose from for their self-titled album.

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"Next Plane To London"


  1. 1. Next Plane To London
  2. 2. I’m Only Second
  3. 3. February Sunshine
  4. 4. Coins Of Fun
  5. 5. Rider
  6. 6. She Belongs To Me
  7. 7. Flower Town
  8. 8. Till Today
  9. 9. Look What You’ve Done
  10. 10. Long Time
  11. 11. If My World Falls Through (Mono Single Version)
  12. 12. Here’s Today (Mono Single Version)
  13. 13. Down To The Wire
  14. 14. Charlie Fer De Lance
  15. 15. The World Is A Great Big Playground
  16. 16. Here’s Today (Stereo Mix)
  17. 17. If My World Falls Through (Stereo Mix)
  18. 18. Dead Men Never Die (Take 2)
  19. 19. I’m Only Second (Acetate Version)
  20. 20. Till Today (Rehearsal)
  21. 21. Till Today (Acetate Version)
  22. 22. Next Plane To London (Live)
  23. 23. So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star (Live)
  24. 24. She Don’t Care About Time (Live)
  25. 25. Little Things (Live)
  26. 26. You Don’t Love Me (Live)
  27. Tracks 13–26 Previously Unissued