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The Roots
How I Got Over

The Roots - How I Got Over

As told by Rap-Up, 'The project boasts the full sound fans have come to love from The Roots, with thought-provoking material and progressive attitudes -- not to mention guest appearances from the likes of John Legend, Little Brother's Phonte, and rap newcomer Sugar Tongue Slim.'

And Hip-Hop Press, 'More than two decades after ?uestlove and Black Thought first met under nefarious circumstances in the principal's office of Philadelphia's High School For the Creative and Performing Arts -- and over 15 years since the Roots recorded their indie debut album in 1999... the group and its intelligent school of jazz-inflected hip-hop are more relevant than ever.'


  1. 1. A Peace Of Light
  2. 2. Walk Alone
  3. 3. Dear God 2.0
  4. 4. Radio Daze
  5. 5. Now Or Never
  6. 6. How I Got Over
  7. 7. DillaTUDE: The Flight Of Titus
  8. 8. The Day
  9. 9. Right On
  10. 10. Doin' It Again
  11. 11. The Fire
  12. 12. Tunnel Vision
  13. 13. Web 20/20
  14. 14. Hustla