New Releases For May 8, 2012

The Parlotones
Journey Through The Shadows

The Parlotones - Journey Through The Shadows

The new album Journey Through The Shadows includes 12 brand new tracks of undeniable romantic and anthemic rock. Melody-minded arena-filling songs that transcend language and culture barriers. The first single 'Save Your Best Bits,' with its theme of not allowing negative things from the past to affect the good parts of your soul, and the celebratory 'I Am Alive' are about catharsis. They chase those moments of universal human experience when everyone in the room is uplifted by a shared emotion. --

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  1. 1. Freakshow
  2. 2. Soul & Body
  3. 3. Brave & Wild
  4. 4. Save Your Best Bits
  5. 5. Goodbyes
  6. 6. Sweet As A Stolen Kiss
  7. 7. Honey
  8. 8. We Just Wanna Be Loved
  9. 9. Down By The Lake
  10. 10. I Am Alive
  11. 11. Sing You To Sleep
  12. 12. Suitcase For A Home

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