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The No Ones
The Great Lost No Ones Album

The No Ones - The Great Lost No Ones Album

The No Ones, a bi-continental collaboration featuring Scott McCaughey, Frode Strømstad, Peter Buck and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen, is a band that stretches from the southwest of Norway through Athens, Georgia to the northwest corner of the USA, consisting of members from I Was A King, The Minus 5, The Baseball Project and R.E.M. As this pedigree almost dictates, they wield Fender and Rickenbacker guitars, cutting, chiming and fuzzing their way through songs dealing with abduction, interstellar mysteries, witchcraft, and more mundane fare like climate change, gentrification, and the desolation of the soul.

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"Straight Into The Bridge"


  1. 1. No One Falls Alone
  2. 2. (Going Back To) Stockholm Syndrome
  3. 3. Clementine
  4. 4. Straight Into The Bridge
  5. 5. All You Need Is Rain
  6. 6. Sun Station Vadsø
  7. 7. Cinnamon Roll Hair
  8. 8. Dream Something Else
  9. 9. Saucerful Of Nothing
  10. 10. Too Blind To Believe
  11. 11. Gone
  12. 12. Sweet Home Mississippi
  13. 13. Turn Again
  14. Bonus 45 (First Edition LP Only):
  15. 1. Apples
  16. 2. Slow Century

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 29
    Bergen, Norway The No-ones at Lille Ole Bull
  • Mar 31
    Trondheim, Norway The No-ones at Byscenen
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