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The Muffs
Happy Birthday To Me (Expanded Reissue)

The Muffs - Happy Birthday To Me (Expanded Reissue)

When singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kim Shattuck took the production reigns for their third album, The Muffs knew they were going to deliver something special. Twenty years later, Happy Birthday To Me reaches a new audience. Available on LP for the first time in those two decades (first pressing on white vinyl with black to follow), as well as on CD (expanded with a UK B-side and 6 previously unissued demos), it’s as vital as ever. Both formats feature photos, liner notes from the band, track-by-track commentary from Shattuck, and new mastering from multiple Grammy-winners Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen.

TAGS: Garage | Punk | Reissue

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"That Awful Man"


  1. 1. Crush Me
  2. 2. That Awful Man
  3. 3. Honeymoon
  4. 4. All Blue Baby
  5. 5. My Crazy Afternoon
  6. 6. Is It All Okay?
  7. 7. Pennywhore
  8. 8. Outer Space
  9. 9. I’m A Dick
  10. 10. Nothing
  11. 11. Where Only I Could Go
  12. 12. Upside Down
  13. 13. You And Your Parrot
  14. 14. Keep Holding Me
  15. 15. The Best Time Around
  16. Bonus Track:
  17. 16. Pacer
  18. Unwrapped Bonus Tracks:
  19. 17. Till You Walk Away (Crush Me) (Demo)*
  20. 18. That Awful Man (Demo)*
  21. 19. Honeymoon (Demo)*
  22. 20. My Crazy Afternoon (Demo)*
  23. 21. Outer Space (Demo)*
  24. 22. The Best Time Around (Demo)*
  25. * Previously Unissued

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