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The Motels - Apocalypso

30th Anniversary of the lost album, Apocalypso, available on CD and LP with the first 1,500 copies pressed on translucent orange vinyl. Also available, a special 5 track digital EP

In 1981, Los Angeles band the Motels convened to record the follow-up to their 1980 release Careful. 'When we were convinced we had amassed the perfect collection of what were obvious hits or at least great album tracks, we went to the label,' says Davis. 'When Capitol heard the album the reaction was something like, 'We'll release it if you really want us to, but the promotion department will not work it,' says Davis. Davis sums up what happened next: 'After the bruising of egos, and some time to reflect, it was apparent that this was actually a good thing.'

The band went back to work and the resulting album All Four One was released in 1982 as the Motels' official third studio record. It was the band's first commercial success, featuring the timeless 'Only The Lonely,' which would go Top 10 on the Billboard charts; the subsequent video would become a staple of rotation on the burgeoning music television network MTV. 'With the hindsight that only 30 years can bring, I hear Apocalypso as a sort of wild sonic ride,' says Motel Marty Jourard. 'All Four One was our first real commercial success, but it was born of these sessions.' 'All Four One came out, and we had our first real chart success in the U.S. - we were mainstream, baby... But something was lost with Apocalypso, the album that got away,' says Davis. 'I look at it as the last time the Motels were uninhibited, wild, and not worried about our place on the charts. In my heart, I think I've always liked Apocalypso more.'

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"Only The Lonely (4-Track Demo)"


  1. 1. Art Fails
  2. 2. Tragic Surf
  3. 3. Only The Lonely
  4. 4. Schneekin'
  5. 5. So L.A.
  6. 6. Apocalypso
  7. 7. Mission Of Mercy
  8. 8. Lost But Not Forgotten
  9. 9. Who Could Resist That Face
  10. 10. Sweet Destiny
  11. 11. Art Fails (Alternate Acetate Version)
  12. 12. Don't You Remember (4-Track Demo)
  13. 13. Tragic Surf (4-Track Demo)
  14. 14. Fiasco (4-Track Demo)
  15. 15. Obvioso (4-Track Demo)
  16. 16. Only The Lonely (4-Track Demo)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 22
    Agoura Hills, CA, US The Motels at The Canyon Agoura Hills
  • Oct 23
    Santa Clarita, CA, US The Motels and Bass at The Canyon Santa Clarita
  • Oct 29
    Montclair, CA, US The Motels at The Canyon Montclair
  • Oct 30
    Oxnard, CA, US The Motels at Oxnard Performing Arts Center
  • Mar 18
    San Juan Capistrano, CA, US The Motels at The Coach House
  • Mar 19
    West Hollywood, CA, US The Motels at Whisky A Go Go
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