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The Mixture
Extra Pink (EP)

The Mixture - Extra Pink (EP)

Steve Kay, Hannah Gray and Chris Flood are The Mixture. Three unique stars that collided at the vortex that is Vintage Vinyl Records in Evanston, Illinois - each in search of the perfect mix of rock ‘n’ roll history, devastating glamour and that feeling you get when a song changes your life. The result of that collision is Extra Pink, an EP that pays tribute to a never-ending love affair with rock ‘n’ roll. Extra Pink features iconic soul/mod icon PP Arnold with arrangements by Brian Wilson’s musical director Paul von Mertens. Available on limited edition etched vinyl.

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"See It Through"


  1. 1. The Love Is Gone
  2. 2. Crackin’ Up Over You
  3. 3. See It Through
  4. 4. Dark Shadows And Empty Hallways