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The Misfits - DEA.D. ALIVE!

The raw ferocity of the legendary Misfits captured DEA.D. ALIVE! in concert on All Hallows' Eve, in the center of Times Square - NYC. The 'Fits first proper live album since the 1980's is entombed in the ultimate greatest hits live package for the next generation of horror kids... A.D.

An audio Molotov cocktail guaranteed to have bonfires burning bright with pumpkin faces, day or night, all year round. 13 fiendish faves from the band's cryptic catalog, plus 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' (from cult-classic Rocky Horror Picture Show) performed by the Misfits for the first time ever on any release.

Available on CD and limited edition 12-inch vinyl with MP3 card.

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"Dark Shadows"


  1. 1. The Devil's Rain
  2. 2. Vivid Red
  3. 3. Land Of The Dead
  4. 4. Curse Of The Mummy's Hand
  5. 5. Cold In Hell
  6. 6. Dark Shadows
  7. 7. Death Ray
  8. 8. Shining
  9. 9. American Psycho
  10. 10. Dig Up Her Bones
  11. 11. Scream!
  12. 12. Helena
  13. 13. Science Fiction / Double Feature
  14. 14. Saturday Night

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