New Releases For October 23, 2020

The Midnight Callers
Red Letter Glow

The Midnight Callers - Red Letter Glow

Combining their passions for huge guitar riffs, lush harmonies, sticky hooks, and Bonham beats, New York City’s the Midnight Callers aim to keep heads banging and butts shaking all night long. This vibrant four-piece channels their love of all things vintage into a sound reminiscent of rock ‘n’ roll’s heyday, while adding a flair all their own. Fresh off their debut on JEM Records Celebrates John Lennon, the band’s debut album just screams in intensity. They can write. They can play. And they have great harmonies. Just an incredible debut. Co-produced by Grip Weeds lead singer/drummer Kurt Reil at the House of Vibes studio.

TAGS: Garage | Power Pop | Rock

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"41 Miles To Roscoe"


  1. 1. 41 Miles To Roscoe
  2. 2. Down On Luck
  3. 3. Return The Favor
  4. 4. I Need You
  5. 5. River Rise
  6. 6. State Of Me
  7. 7. Hipster Girl
  8. 8. The Lights Are On
  9. 9. Not Tonight
  10. 10. Do We Need It
  11. 11. Use Me