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The Magpie Salute
The Magpie Salute

The Magpie Salute - The Magpie Salute

The self-titled debut from the Magpie Salute - a new band bringing together Rich Robinson, Marc Ford and Sven Pipien of the Black Crowes, is out now. Produced by Crowes guitarist and co-founder Robinson, the musically tight and expansive album was recorded live in the studio in front of an audience at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, New York, except for the full studio track “Omission.” The album carries special significance as it marks the last recorded work by Eddie Harsch, the late Black Crowes keyboardist whose signature sound and gentle soul are woven into The Magpie Salute.

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  1. 1. Omission
  2. 2. Comin’ Home
  3. 3. What Is Home
  4. 4. Wiser Time
  5. 5. Goin’ Down South
  6. 6. War Drums
  7. 7. Ain’t No More Cane
  8. 8. Fearless
  9. 9. Glad And Sorry
  10. 10. Time Will Tell

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