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The Magpie Salute
High Water II

The Magpie Salute - High Water II

The Magpie Salute was formed by guitarist and singer-songwriter Rich Robinson, joining forces with former Black Crowes bandmates Marc Ford (guitar) and Sven Pipien (bass), along with vocalist John Hogg, drummer Joe Magistro, and keyboardist Matt Slocum. Kicking off their collaboration with a seminal show in Woodstock, NY in 2016, the band has toured with the likes of Govt. Mule, the Avett Brothers, and Blackberry Smoke. Produced by Robinson, High Water II boasts 12 new songs, including “Lost Boy,” co-written by Ford and Robinson, with special guest Alison Krauss contributing background vocals and fiddles.

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"In Here"


  1. 1. Sooner Or Later
  2. 2. Gimme Something
  3. 3. Leave It All Behind
  4. 4. In Here
  5. 5. You And I
  6. 6. Mother Storm
  7. 7. A Mirror
  8. 8. Lost Boy
  9. 9. Turn It Around
  10. 10. Life Is A Landslide
  11. 11. Doesn't Really Matter
  12. 12. Where Is This Place

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