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The Legal Matters
The Legal Matters

The Legal Matters - The Legal Matters

'Filled with great melodic hooks, glorious harmonies and spine-tingling chord changes.' - Discussions Magazine

The album's charm lies in its lack of pretentiousness and love of creating pure pop music for the now generation. They emulate the feel and emotion of those artists, songs, and albums that have truly made a difference in pop music over the last 50 years.


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"Rite Of Spring"


  1. 1. Rite Of Spring
  2. 2. Stubborn
  3. 3. Have You Changed Your Mind?
  4. 4. The Legend Of Walter Wright
  5. 5. Mary Anne
  6. 6. It's Not What I Say
  7. 7. Before We Get It Right
  8. 8. So Long Sunny Days
  9. 9. Outer Space
  10. 10. We Were Enemies

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