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The Legal Matters

The Legal Matters - Conrad

These are the kinds of responses and reviews the Legal Matters’ first release generated. Listeners found the record assured, refreshing, and rewarding. The band has raised the bar on the long-awaited follow-up, titled Conrad. Conrad finds the Legal Matters two years on from their acclaimed debut. The songs are more confident and the harmonies more colorful. The band - Andy Reed, Chris Richards, and Keith Klingensmith, all notable figures on the Midwest power pop scene - once again handle vocal and instrumental duties with the addition of Donny Brown and Andy Dalton on drums. LP download includes bonus vocal-only version of the album.

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"I’m Sorry Love"


  1. 1. Anything
  2. 2. I’m Sorry Love
  3. 3. Minor Key
  4. 4. Short Term Memory
  5. 5. More Birds Less Bees
  6. 6. Pull My String
  7. 7. She Called Me To Say
  8. 8. The Cool Kid
  9. 9. Hip Hooray
  10. 10. Lull And Bye
  11. 11. Better Days

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