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The LBC Crew
Haven't You Heard...

The LBC Crew - Haven't You Heard...

The LBC Crew (Long Beach City Crew) were the first act to be executively-produced by Snoop Doggy Dogg in the mid-90's. While a part of the original Death Row Records brand, the LBC Crew had a hit-single with the song 'Beware Of My Crew,' from the A Thin Line Between Love and Hate soundtrack, as well as being highlighted on 2Pac's Gridlock'd soundtrack with the song 'Out the Moon /Boom, Boom, Boom,' which also featured the prominent, late Death Row rapper. They were also showcased heavily on Snoop Doggy Dogg's second solo album Tha Doggfather.

The previously unreleased Haven't You Heard project features 'Dippin' In My Low Low,' 'Feels Good 2 B DPG,' 'Gangsta,' and more. The project features Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Soopafly, as well as production from heralded producers Soopafly, LT Hutton, Daz, Sam Sneed, and DJ Pooh.

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"Feels Good 2 B DPG"


  1. 1. Haven't You Heard
  2. 2. Dippin In My Low Low
  3. 3. Out The Moon
  4. 4. Get Up 2 Get Down
  5. 5. Feels Good 2 B DPG
  6. 6. Baby Come Home
  7. 7. Doggfather's Deciple
  8. 8. Flossin'
  9. 9. Jacca's Reunion
  10. 10. Gangsta
  11. 11. I'll Smoke To That
  12. 12. One 213
  13. 13. Blueberry
  14. 14. Bonus: Out The Moon (Daz Remix)