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The Knack
Zoom (Reissue)

The Knack - Zoom (Reissue)

Zoom's original 14 songs are joined by 5 bonus tracks, 4 previously unissued.

“She Says” (recorded during the Zoom sessions) first appeared on the now out-of-print Proof: The Very Best Of The Knack. Three demos and a Bozzio helmed version of their classic “My Sharona” round out the remastered audio program, which includes set-list staples like “Pop Is Dead,” “Can I Borrow A Kiss,” and “Harder On You.” With fresh artwork and liners featuring a new interview with Averre and Niles, this version of Zoom will not only excite their fan base, but introduce the group to a multitude of new listeners.

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"Can I Borrow A Kiss"


  1. 1. Pop Is Dead
  2. 2. Can I Borrow A Kiss
  3. 3. Smilin’
  4. 4. Ambition
  5. 5. Mister Magazine
  6. 6. Everything I Do
  7. 7. Love Is All There Is
  8. 8. Terry & Julie Step Out
  9. 9. Harder On You
  10. 10. You Gotta Be There
  11. 11. Good Enough
  12. 12. In Blue Tonight
  13. 13. Tomorrow
  14. 14. (All In The) All In All
  15. Bonus Tracks:
  16. 15. She Says
  17. 16. Mister Magazine (Demo)
  18. 17. Harder On You (Demo)
  19. 18. (All In The) All In All (Demo)
  20. 19. My Sharona (Terry Bozzio Version)

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