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The Knack
Rock & Roll Is Good For You (Demos)

The Knack - Rock & Roll Is Good For You (Demos)

Sixteen previously unissued tracks by Doug Fieger & Berton Averre recorded in the mid-'70s including demos for well-known Knack songs like 'Good Girls Don't' and 'That's What The Little Girls Do.' It is available across all configurations (CD, digital, LP) and the first pressing of the LP is a limited-edition of 1,000 on clear vinyl.

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"Good Girls Don't"


  1. 1. Have A Heart
  2. 2. Corporation Shuffle (Daddy Turns The Volume Down)
  3. 3. Good Girls Don't
  4. 4. Little Lies
  5. 5. Flower My Fate
  6. 6. Weis On Rye (Hold The Mavo)
  7. 7. You'll Never Know
  8. 8. That's What The Little Girls Do
  9. 9. Get On The Plane
  10. 10. (Here On This) Lonely Night
  11. 11. Lazer Days
  12. 12. The Other Side (Of The Line)
  13. 13. Who'll Set You Down
  14. 14. Mama I Feel Your Sadness
  15. 15. What You Gonna Do Now?
  16. 16. Rock & Roll Is Good For You

  17. (All Tracks Previously Unissued)

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