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The Knack
Normal As The Next Guy (Reissue)

The Knack - Normal As The Next Guy (Reissue)

Normal As The Next Guy would ultimately serve as the Knack’s final studio release - and it contained everything they’d worked on and perfected up to that point. Touching on every genre they’d previously tackled, Normal As The Next Guy serves as a fitting bookend to where the band came from, and what they’d achieved. And, how musically powerfully they always were.

Supplemented with three of Doug Fieger’s songwriting demos, this expanded reissue presents the original’s 12 tracks in a new light, and helps extend the story started with Havin’ A Rave Up! Live In Los Angeles, 1978.

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"Disillusion Town"


  1. 1. Les Girls
  2. 2. Disillusion Town
  3. 3. Girl I Never Lied To You
  4. 4. Normal As The Next Guy
  5. 5. Spiritual Pursuit
  6. 6. It's Not Me
  7. 7. One Day At A Time
  8. 8. Seven Days Of Heaven
  9. 9. Dance Of Romance
  10. 10. Reason To Live
  11. 11. A World Of My Own
  12. 12. The Man On The Beach
  13. Bonus Tracks:
  14. 13. Seven Days Of Heaven (Demo)*
  15. 14. Spiritual Pursuit (Demo)*
  16. 15. Reason To Live (Demo)*
  17. *Previously Unissued

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