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The Kingbees
The Big Rock (Deluxe Reissue)

The Kingbees - The Big Rock (Deluxe Reissue)

Omnivore Recordings, in association with the Kingbees’ leader Jamie James, is proud to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Big Rock. The original album’s twelve tracks are now joined with four bonus tracks. After the release of the album in 1981, the Kingbees disbanded. Shortly thereafter, James recorded four new songs with a brand new rhythm section. Those songs, available for the first time on CD, appear as bonus tracks. James also offers his own personal recollections, as well as, rare photos and memorabilia. Thirty-five years on, The Big Rock sounds as fresh and vital as the day it was born.

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"The Big Rock"


  1. 1. The Big Rock
  2. 2. She Ain’t My Baby
  3. 3. She Can’t ‘Make-Up’ Her Mind
  4. 4. How Can I Love You
  5. 5. Let Myself Go
  6. 6. Stick It Out!
  7. 7. Right Behind You Baby
  8. 8. Wishing
  9. 9. Boppin’ The Blues
  10. 10. Burnin’ The Town Tonight
  11. 11. The Ugly Truth
  12. 12. Rockin’ My Life Away
  13. Bonus Tracks:
  14. 13. Just Like That
  15. 14. If I Want To
  16. 15. Tear It Up
  17. 16. Gonna Stop

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