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The Jayhawks - XOXO

“It was time to open things up,” says Gary Louris. “The Jayhawks are a true band, one where everyone’s an equal, and we wanted to make a record that really reflected that.” Featuring writing and lead vocal contributions from all four members, the Jayhawks’ extraordinary new album, XOXO, is the most diverse and wide-ranging in the group’s storied history, mixing the influence of American roots music with British Invasion and jangly power-pop. The result is an album that, much like the band’s lush harmonies, brings multiple distinctive voices together into a singular whole, a collection that, ironically enough, finds unity in individuality, and identity in reinvention.

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"This Forgotten Town"


  1. 1. This Forgotten Town
  2. 2. Dogtown Day
  3. 3. Living In A Bubble
  4. 4. Ruby
  5. 5. Homecoming
  6. 6. Society Pages
  7. 7. Illuminate
  8. 8. Bitter Pill
  9. 9. Across My Field
  10. 10. Little Victories
  11. 11. Down To The Farm
  12. 12. Looking Up Your Number
  13. 13. Jewel Of The Trimbelle (Bonus) - Exclusive To First Pressing Of CD And Vinyl
  14. 14. When You Walked Away (Bonus) - Exclusive To First Pressing Of CD And Vinyl
  15. 15. Hypocrite’s Lament (Bonus) - Exclusive To First Pressing Of CD And Vinyl

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 08
    Hernani, Spain The Jayhawks at Chillida leku
  • Jul 09
    Gijón, Spain The Jayhawks at Teatro de la Laboral
  • Jul 10
    Pontevedra, Spain The Jayhawks at Pazo da Cultura
  • Jul 12
    Barcelona, Spain The Jayhawks at Barcelona Arts on Stage
  • Jul 14
    Madrid, Spain The Jayhawks at Teatro Lope De Vega
  • Jul 15
    Seville, Spain The Jayhawks at Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo
  • Jul 16
    Murcia, Spain The Jayhawks at San Javier Jazz Festival
  • Jul 17
    Valencia, Spain The Jayhawks at La Rambleta
  • Jul 18
    Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain The Jayhawks at Iradier Arena
  • Aug 08
    Allison Park, PA, US The Jayhawks at Hartwood Acres Park Amphitheater
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