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Quarter To Six

The Idan Raichel Project - Quarter To Six

Perhaps the most enchanting Idan Raichel Project release to date, Quarter To Six differs from previous albums by using more acoustic arrangements and a more subtle approach to the songs. Described as Israel's answer to Peter Gabriel, Raichel is 'a collaborator who thrives on musical collisions and cross-fertilization' and his Project distinguishes itself with adventurous collaborations from artists of different generations and cultural backgrounds. On this stunning follow up to the 2009 release Within My Walls, Quarter to Six features the remarkable German counter-tenor Andreas Scholl, Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré (Raichel's partner in the acclaimed Touré-Raichel Collective), the enchanting vocals of Portugal's Ana Moura, and Palestinian-Israeli singer Mira Awad.

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"Mon Amour (My Love)"


  1. 1. Yored Ha'Erev (Evening Falls)
  2. 2. Achshav Karov (Closer Now)
  3. 3. Rak Oto (Only Him)
  4. 4. Ba'Layla (At Night)
  5. 5. Sabe Deus (God Knows)
  6. 6. Ana Ana Wa Enta Enta (I Am What I Am)
  7. 7. Ad She'Ein Yoter Le'an (Until There's Nowhere Left)
  8. 8. Ha'Ru'ach Ha'Zo (This Wind)
  9. 9. Mon Amour (My Love)
  10. 10. Chaim Pshutim (Simple Life)
  11. 11. Olam Shalem (A Whole World)
  12. 12. Detr'as De Mi Alma (Behind My Soul)
  13. 13. Be'Karov (Soon)
  14. 14. Im Ha'ita Ro'eh (If You Would Have Seen)
  15. 15. Or Ka'ze (A Light Such As This)
  16. 16. In Stiller Nacht (In A Quiet Night)