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The Hundred In The Hands
Red Night

The Hundred In The Hands - Red Night

The Hundred In The Hands' self-titled debut quickly established them as one of the most compelling new acts of the last few years. After touring that album across the globe, the duo consisting of Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman, returned to their dimly-lit New York studio to work on their mesmerizing follow-up, Red Night. Red Night is a self-produced meditation on separation and reunion, love nearly lost and the long night back to it; a chronicle of late-hour pining awash in digital glow and urban buzzing.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 12, 2012 ON Warp

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"Keep It Low"


  1. 1. Empty Stations
  2. 2. Recognise
  3. 3. Come With Me
  4. 4. Red Night
  5. 5. Keep It Low
  6. 6. SF Summer
  7. 7. Faded
  8. 8. Tunnels
  9. 9. Stay The Night
  10. 10. Lead In The Light

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