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The Hollies
Look Through Any Window 1963-1975 (DVD)

The Hollies - Look Through Any Window 1963-1975 (DVD)

Issued with the full cooperation of the Hollies, this is the first official documentary film of the legendary British group known for its classic songs and brilliant vocals. The film includes 22 full-length performances sourced from television appearances filmed at the time the songs were hitting the charts for the first time. Between performances, original band members Graham Nash, Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott share the history of one of the most beloved groups of the 1960s. Starting with Graham and Allan reminiscing about singing together as young schoolboys and culminating in the group's last major hit in 1975, the film features over two hours of interviews and music.

The Hollies: Look Through Any Window 1963-1975 features all of the band's beloved hits including rocking performances of 'Bus Stop' and 'Stop Stop Stop' from 1967 and 'Look Through Any Window' and 'I Can't Let Go' from 1966. Also included is a great 1968 performance of 'Dear Eloise,' a 1966 rendition of UK chart-topper 'I'm Alive' and newly discovered versions of 'Jennifer Eccles' and 'Carrie Anne' from the 1968 Spilt Festival in Yugoslavia. Of special note is 10 minutes of footage of the band shot in early 1967 at the Abbey Road Studios recording session for their world-wide hit 'On A Carousel.' The segment includes astonishing footage of Graham, Allan and Tony recording their lead and backing vocals, heard 'naked,' without the instrumental track. Also featured in the film are performances by the Hollies from the post-Graham Nash era, featuring Terry Sylvester, and including the worldwide chart-toppers 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother,' 'Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)' and a beautiful version of their last Top 10 hit 'The Air That I Breathe.'

In addition, the film features never-before-seen home movies of the group on tour in the '60s in America, Europe and Japan and backstage at television appearances, providing a rare glimpse of their offstage lives.


  1. 1. Baby That's All
  2. 2. Rockin Robin
  3. 3. Little Lover
  4. 4. Just One Look
  5. 5. Here I Go Again
  6. 6. I'm Alive
  7. 7. Look Through Any Window
  8. 8. I Can't Let Go
  9. 9. Bus Stop
  10. 10. Stop Stop Stop
  11. 11. On A Carousel
  12. 12. Carrie Anne
  13. 13. Dear Eloise
  14. 14. King Midas In Reverse
  15. 15. Jennifer Eccles
  16. 16. Wings
  17. 17. Do The Best You Can
  18. 18. Listen To Me
  19. 19. Sorry Suzanne
  20. 20. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
  21. 21. Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
  22. 22. The Air That I Breathe

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 22
    Birmingham, UK The Hollies at Symphony Hall
  • May 23
    York, UK The Hollies at York Barbican
  • May 24
    Sheffield, UK The Hollies at Oval Hall, Sheffield City Hall
  • May 26
    Derby, UK The Hollies at Derby Arena
  • May 27
    Stoke On Trent, UK The Hollies at Regent Theatre
  • May 28
    Brighton, UK The Hollies at Brighton Centre
  • May 30
    Ipswich, UK The Hollies at Regent Theatre
  • May 31
    Southend On Sea, UK The Hollies at Cliffs Pavilion
  • Jun 02
    Cardiff, UK The Hollies at St David's Hall
  • Jun 03
    London, UK The Hollies at The London Palladium
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