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The Herbaliser
There Were Seven

The Herbaliser - There Were Seven

Lucky seven. Astonishingly, the Herbaliser are now approaching their seventh studio album, yet their blend of hip hop, soul and electronics has rarely felt so vital, so young. New album There Were Seven finds the band on imperious form, rampaging through fifteen nuggets of deeply psychedelic, tripped out audio.

Recent single 'The Lost Boy' has already made a deep impression. They've come back to stick a banana in the tailpipe of that machine that keeps churning out plastic pop idols, fake hustlers and blow up dolls.

TAGS: Funk | Rap/Hip-Hop

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"March Of The Dead Things (Featuring Teenburger)"


  1. 1. The Return Of The Seven
  2. 2. The Lost Boy
  3. 3. Welcome To Extravagance
  4. 4. Mother Dove
  5. 5. Zero Hill (Featuring Twin Peaks)
  6. 6. Take 'Em On
  7. 7. A Sada State Of Affairs
  8. 8. Setting Up
  9. 9. Crimes & Misdemeanors (Featuring Twin Peaks)
  10. 10. What You Asked For
  11. 11. March Of The Dead Things (Featuring Teenburger)
  12. 12. Deep In The Woods
  13. 13. Inside The Machine
  14. 14. Danny Glover (Featuring Twin Peaks)
  15. 15. Move As One

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