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The Heavy
The Glorious Dead

The Heavy - The Glorious Dead

Renegade soul-rockers, the Heavy are back with the release of their new album, The Glorious Dead, their third full-length LP, and the follow-up to their acclaimed sophomore record The House That Dirt Built (2009). Self-produced and with their unique, raw eclecticism fully intact, it's their most fully-realized record yet, mixing together soul, hip hop, rock, blues and funk into glorious, raucous party music that is equally full of heart.

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"What Makes A Good Man?"


  1. 1. Can't Play Dead
  2. 2. Curse Me Good
  3. 3. What Makes A Good Man?
  4. 4. Big Bad Wolf
  5. 5. Be Mine
  6. 6. Same Ol'
  7. 7. Just My Luck
  8. 8. The Lonesome Road
  9. 9. Don't Say Nothing
  10. 10. Blood Dirt Love Stop