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The Heaters
American Dream: The Portastudio Recordings

The Heaters - American Dream: The Portastudio Recordings

American Dream is the first-ever official release of those 10 tracks from Maggie, Missy, and Mercy as the Heaters. Glistening girl-group harmonies drawing on the golden era of that music; the ’50s and ’60s, filtered through the ’80s, and now finally being released in the 21st century. Great music is timeless, and the time has come for the true sound of the Heaters to reach the masses the way it was intended. With full cooperation, and liner notes by the band, we can finally turn up the Heaters.

TAGS: Garage | Reissue

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"American Dream"


  1. 1. American Dream
  2. 2. All I Want To Do
  3. 3. 10,000 Roses
  4. 4. Every Living Day
  5. 5. Just Around The Corner
  6. 6. Sandy
  7. 7. I Want To Love Again
  8. 8. Rock This Place
  9. 9. Love Will Be Hurrying To You
  10. 10. I'll Meet You There