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The HawtThorns
Morning Sun

The HawtThorns - Morning Sun

Rooted in the collaborative chemistry of husband-and-wife duo KP and Johnny Hawthorn, The HawtThorns' official debut Morning Sun is a collection of warm, west coast-influenced songs that balance the most engaging parts of the bandmates' different backgrounds. It's an amped-up Americana album with sun-kissed songwriting, fiery electric guitar, and lush vocal harmonies that evoke the California coastline as much as the Bible Belt countryside. From the heartland rock & roll of "All I Know," to the soulful empowerment anthem "Rebel Road," to the chiming, high-spirited lead single "Shaking,” Morning Sun shows the full range of the HawtThorns' interests and abilities.

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  1. 1. Shaking
  2. 2. Rebel Road
  3. 3. Morning Sun
  4. 4. Give Me A Sign
  5. 5. Broken Wings
  6. 6. The 405
  7. 7. All I Know
  8. 8. Come Back From The Stars
  9. 9. Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore
  10. 10. Steady Fire