New Releases For October 29, 2013

The Hawk In Paris

The Hawk In Paris - Freaks

The Hawk In Paris formed when three college friends reunited after ten years and explored sounds outside the realm of their day jobs. The group is made up of writer/lyricist Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay), producer/writer Matthew Bronlewee (Paul Van Dyke, Selena Gomez), and producer/writer Jeremy Bose (the Band Perry, Amy Grant, Sugar + the Hi-Lows).

This trio has created an electronically laced album influenced by 80s-synth and early 90s trip hop. Freaks draws from pioneers of electronic music such as Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Portishead and finds inspiration in 80s-synth groups including Eurythmics and Depeche Mode. Modern day influences include M83, the Postal Service, and Gotye.

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  1. 1. Freaks
  2. 2. Beg For Love
  3. 3. Put Your Arms Around Me
  4. 4. The New Hello
  5. 5. Science Fiction
  6. 6. Curse The Love Songs
  7. 7. Wake Me Up
  8. 8. Simple Machine
  9. 9. Cannons
  10. 10. Birds On A Wire
  11. 11. Between The World And You
  12. 12. When The Stars Come Out