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The Grip Weeds
Trip Around The Sun

The Grip Weeds - Trip Around The Sun

Trip Around The Sun is a vibrant 12-song collection of Grip Weeds originals, reflecting the band's determined yet positive outlook on life through the power of music. After decades of acclaimed studio and stage work, the Grip Weeds are regarded as New Jersey rock royalty, featuring a mercurial set of brothers (singer/drummer Kurt Reil and guitarist Rick Reil) and one married couple (Kurt Reil and lead guitarist Kristin Pinell Reil). Bass player Dave DeSantis is the only Weed not bound by DNA, and to date is their only bassist to not spontaneously combust on stage, be absorbed by the Federal Witness Protection Program or marry a Kardashian.

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  1. 1. Vibrations
  2. 2. I Like Her
  3. 3. After The Sunrise
  4. 4. Mr. Nervous
  5. 5. Casual Observer (To A Crime)
  6. 6. Reality Stand Still
  7. 7. Truth Behind The Lie
  8. 8. Times I Wasted
  9. 9. All Things Bright
  10. 10. Letters
  11. 11. She Tries
  12. 12. Trip Around The Sun

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