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The Good Brothers
Wide Awake Dreamin'

The Good Brothers - Wide Awake Dreamin'

The Good Brothers are proud to present their new album, Wide Awake Dreamin’. These hardworking Canadian legends have been writing, recording, and playing music for over 40 years. Their work has paid off with recognition from the North American Country Music Association, International Hall Of Fame in Tennessee,Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame, Canadian Country Music Awards (Country Group of the Year), and Canadian Country Music Awards (Roots Artist of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award).

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"One Of These Days"


  1. 1. No Help Wanted
  2. 2. For Cryin’ Out Loud
  3. 3. One Of These Days
  4. 4. A Rainbow End
  5. 5. Train Of Fools
  6. 6. Sometime
  7. 7. That Was Him (This Is Me)
  8. 8. Yellow Crime Scene Tape
  9. 9. Your Day Will Come
  10. 10. Honey Why?