New Releases For January 25, 2011

The Get Up Kids
There Are Rules

The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

Seven years after what looked to be their final album Guilt Show, The Get Up Kids return with There Are Rules - a collection of all-new songs that are fresh and inspired, created by a band that has been given new life and isn't looking back. The album marks a return to the early days of the band - back to their independent roots and their own label, Quality Hill Records - reigniting the DIY spirit that originally launched them onto the worldwide stage.

After touring four continents to sold out crowds, becoming a crucial part of the 'second wave of emo' and influencing an endless list of bands, after fifteen years, four acclaimed studio albums, a collection of rarities, a live record, numerous 7-inches and EPs, the K.C. five piece unveil There Are Rules, proving the final chapter for The Get Up Kids has yet to be written.

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"Regent's Court"


  1. 1. Tithe
  2. 2. Regent's Court
  3. 3. Shatter Your Lungs
  4. 4. Automatic
  5. 5. Pararelevant
  6. 6. Rally 'Round The Fool
  7. 7. Better Lie
  8. 8. Keith Case
  9. 9. The Widow Paris
  10. 10. Birmingham
  11. 11. When It Dies
  12. 12. Rememorable

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 27
    Bloomington, IL, US The Get Up Kids at Castle Theatre
  • Aug 28
    Canal Winchester, OH, US BrewDog USA Annual General Mayhem 2021
  • Aug 29
    Grand Rapids, MI, US The Get Up Kids at The Stache at the Intersection
  • Sep 17
    Kansas City, MO, US The Get Up Kids at Lemonade Park
  • Sep 23
    Indianapolis, IN, US The Get Up Kids at HI-FI
  • Sep 24
    Birmingham, AL, US Furnace Festival 2021
  • Sep 24
    Fort Wayne, IN, US The Get Up Kids at Piere's
  • Sep 25
    St Louis, MO, US The Get Up Kids at Red Flag
  • Oct 03
    St. Paul, MN, US The Get Up Kids at Turf Club
  • Jul 05
    Manchester, UK Jimmy Eat World with The Get Up Kids and Together PANGEA at Manchester Academy
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