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The Garden
Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

The Garden - Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

The Garden have been carving their own path since their formation in 2011. With three LP’s and four EP releases, they have become known musically for their fast, punk influenced jungle and DnB styles, and have consistently toured since 2013. While live they are known for a mix of aggressive, unpredictable and trickster-ish tendencies - this new album, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring, rivals the previous albums lyrically and sonically with an unmatched belligerence. The album is primarily self-produced, but includes tracks co-produced by the likes of Dylan Brady and Wharfwit, along with tracks featuring Ariel Pink and Khalif Jones (aka Le1f) and even a snippet from Carrot Top.

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"Clench To Stay Awake"


  1. 1. Clench To Stay Awake
  2. 2. A Struggle
  3. 3. Sneaky Devil
  4. 4. Kiss My Super Bowl Ring
  5. 5. A Fool's Expedition
  6. 6. AMPM Truck
  7. 7. Hit Eject
  8. 8. The King Of Cutting Corners
  9. 9. Lurkin' (Featuring Khalif Jones)
  10. 10. Lowrider Slug (Featuring Ariel Pink)
  11. 11. Please, Fuck Off

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 04
    Santa Ana, CA, US The Garden at The Observatory
  • Nov 05
    San Luis Obispo, CA, US The Garden and Surfbort at The Fremont Theater
  • Nov 07
    San Francisco, CA, US The Garden at Great American Music Hall
  • Nov 09
    Portland, OR, US The Garden at Hawthorne Theatre
  • Nov 10
    Seattle, WA, US The Garden at The Crocodile
  • Nov 11
    Boise, ID, US The Garden at The Shredder
  • Nov 14
    Denver, CO, US The Garden at Marquis Theater
  • Nov 15
    Omaha, NE, US The Garden at Slowdown - Front Room
  • Nov 16
    Minneapolis, MN, US The Garden at 7th St Entry
  • Nov 17
    Chicago, IL, US The Garden with The Runts! at Bottom Lounge
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