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The Frights
Live At The Observatory

The Frights - Live At The Observatory

Live At The Observatory was recorded on September 8, 2018 at the sold out kick-off show for the band's Hypochondriac album tour. The San Diego based band will be supporting the live album with performances at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival (Indio, CA) in April, and additional tour dates to follow. The live record features tracks from the band’s entire catalog including five tracks from their 2018 album Hypochondriac. A must have any fan of The Frights.

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"Over It"


  1. 1. Kids
  2. 2. Cold
  3. 3. Whatever
  4. 4. Over It
  5. 5. All I Need
  6. 6. Afraid Of The Dark
  7. 7. Crust Bucket
  8. 8. Me And We And I
  9. 9. You Are Going To Hate This
  10. 10. Hold Me Down
  11. 11. Alone
  12. 12. Tungs
  13. 13. Makeout Point
  14. 14. Submarines

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