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The Frights
Everything Seems Like Yesterday

The Frights - Everything Seems Like Yesterday

Since their 2013 self-titled debut, the Frights have embodied a carefree vulnerability, setting their most awkward and painful feelings to a wildly joyful surf-punk sound. On their fourth studio album Everything Seems Like Yesterday, the San Diego-based band twist that dynamic to deliver their most emotionally direct body of work to date: a collection of songs written and performed solely by frontman Mikey Carnevale, each track matching its stripped-back simplicity with both raw outpouring and intense reflection.

TAGS: Alternative | Rock

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"Leave Me Alone"


  1. 1. 24
  2. 2. Kicking Cans
  3. 3. Simple And Strange
  4. 4. Echo In The Corner Of The Room
  5. 5. Leave Me Alone
  6. 6. All I Ask
  7. 7. Love Grows Cold
  8. 8. Faceless Moon
  9. 9. For Someone Else’s Sake
  10. 10. 25

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