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The Family Band KC
Rogue Chapel

The Family Band KC - Rogue Chapel

Introducing The Family Band KC. Centered around the talents of sister and brother - Isabel (17) on vocals and flute, and Evans (15) on stand-up and electric bass and French horn; and backed by mom, Americana artist Kathryn Caine on vocals and guitar. Rogue Chapel is a five song EP that transports the listener along with the incomparable family harmony and musicianship on a spiritual journey to the Gospel Train of the rural south where these three have honed their skills in church and on the stage. It is Americana and folk in truest, high and lonesome form.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"The Way"


  1. 1. The Way
  2. 2. Left A Note
  3. 3. Over Me
  4. 4. Let Us Pray
  5. 5. Begin

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