New Releases For December 6, 2011

The Fall
Ersatz G.B.

The Fall - Ersatz G.B.

Brand new album from the legendary Fall. Eat yrself weirder! Available on CD and limited edition vinyl.

29th album from legendary Manchester based band. As with any Fall record, Ersatz G.B. retains many of their most distinctive elements whilst offering a fresh take on Mark E Smith's familiar style and subject matter. The current line-up delivers another intriguing addition to the band's body of work here.

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"Taking Off"


  1. 1. Cosmos 7
  2. 2. Taking Off
  3. 3. Nate Will Not Return
  4. 4. Mask Search
  5. 5. Greenway
  6. 6. Happi Song
  7. 7. Monocard
  8. 8. Laptop Dog
  9. 9. I've Seen Them Come
  10. 10. Age of Chang

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