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The Faint

The Faint - Egowerk

“Social media is turning well-meaning people into self-important cruel monsters,” asserts lead singer of the Faint, Todd Fink. “Egowerk’s focus is on the current social state of the Internet: an amazing world of free knowledge, communication, and opportunity is proving to be a toxic battleground. One where the people most sure of their opinion are quick to take a stand and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them.” His sense of urgency unfurls over the album’s frenetic, cacophonous tracks. Despite the Faint’s nihilistic musings on Egowerk, the band remains optimistic that things can improve if society is willing to absorb dueling perspectives.

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"Child Asleep"


  1. 1. Child Asleep
  2. 2. Chameleon Nights
  3. 3. Life's A Joke
  4. 4. Alien Angel
  5. 5. Egowerk
  6. 6. Own My Eyes
  7. 7. Source Of The Sun
  8. 8. Another World
  9. 9. Quench The Flame
  10. 10. Young & Realistic
  11. 11. Automation

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