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The Earls Of Leicester
Rattle & Roar

The Earls Of Leicester - Rattle & Roar

With their second album Rattle & Roar, the Earls have conjured up a fresh batch of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs songs, delivered with their Grammy-winning signature blend of homage, virtuosity, and perspective. To capture the feel of a live show, Rattle & Roar was recorded in one room, with all of the band members around mics, no separation between them. The result pulses with impish joy, uniquely showcasing artists at the top of their game as they delight in their work not just as creators, but also as fans struck with childlike awe.

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"The Train That Carried My Girl From Town"


  1. 1. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
  2. 2. Why Did You Wander?
  3. 3. All I Want Is You
  4. 4. Steel Guitar Blues Intro
  5. 5. Steel Guitar Blues
  6. 6. You Can Feel It In Your Soul
  7. 7. A Faded Red Ribbon
  8. 8. Just Ain’t
  9. 9. Mother Prays Loud In Her Sleep
  10. 10. I’m Working On A Road (To Glory Land)
  11. 11. Will You Be Lonesome Too?
  12. 12. Flint Hill Special
  13. 13. What’s Good for You (Should Be Alright for Me)
  14. 14. The Girl I Love Don’t Pay Me No Mind
  15. 15. Branded Wherever I Go
  16. 16. Buck Creek Gal
  17. 17. Pray For the Boys