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The Duke Robillard Band
Independently Blue

The Duke Robillard Band - Independently Blue

For over four decades, Duke Robillard has been one of the most respected blues and roots music guitarists working today. This release shows endless creativity in bringing new ideas to blues forms. Fellow New England guitar hero Monster Mike Welch is an important contributor providing Duke with a daredevil foil on all tracks.

Duke has worked with Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Roomful Of Blues, Fabulous Thunderbirds and dozens of blues legends. He has been nominated for two Grammy Awards.

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"Stapled To The Chicken's Back"


  1. 1. I Wouldn't-A Done That
  2. 2. Below Zero
  3. 3. Stapled To The Chicken's Back
  4. 4. Patrol Wagon Blues
  5. 5. Laurene
  6. 6. Moongate
  7. 7. I'm Still Laughing
  8. 8. Strollin With Lowell And BB
  9. 9. You Won't Ever
  10. 10. This Man, This Monster
  11. 11. Groovin' Slow
  12. 12. If This Is Love