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The Drums
Abysmal Thoughts

The Drums - Abysmal Thoughts

With the Drums’ new Abysmal Thoughts, band founder Jonny Pierce is making the exact album he has always held in his heart. Of course, this is the Drums, so that heart is broken - but there’s beauty and even bliss in this kind of heartbreak, as well as that special kind of glorious delirium that comes from taking everything life can throw at you and still walking away triumphant. Abysmal Thoughts finds Pierce back in full control of the Drums, not just writing all the songs himself but playing every instrument and bringing his exact personal vision to life.

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"Blood Under My Belt"


  1. 1. Mirror
  2. 2. I’ll Fight For Your Life
  3. 3. Blood Under My Belt
  4. 4. Heart Basel
  5. 5. Shoot The Sun Down
  6. 6. Head Of The Horse
  7. 7. Under The Ice
  8. 8. Are U Fucked
  9. 9. Your Tenderness
  10. 10. Rich Kids
  11. 11. If All We Share (Means Nothing)
  12. 12. Abysmal Thoughts

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