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The Dream Syndicate
The Days Of Wine And Roses (Reissue)

The Dream Syndicate - The Days Of Wine And Roses (Reissue)

The Dream Syndicate’s debut album, The Days Of Wine And Roses, has long been considered a cornerstone release of the early ’80s Paisley Underground scene. However, it was more influential than that, and is one of indie-rock’s essentials. The CD now contains a slew of never-before heard recordings that capture the first year of the classic Wynn/Precoda/Smith/Duck line up in all their lo-fi glory. Bonus tracks from previous editions have been replaced by rehearsal tapes that capture two songs that later turned up on Medicine Show, as well as four songs that no one has ever heard, including a nearly 10-minute Krautrock inspired jam.

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"Like Mary"


  1. 1. Tell Me When It's Over
  2. 2. Definitely Clean
  3. 3. That's What You Always Say
  4. 4. Then She Remembers
  5. 5. Halloween
  6. 6. When You Smile
  7. 7. Until Lately
  8. 8. Too Little, Too Late
  9. 9. The Days Of Wine And Roses
  10. Previously Unissued Bonus Rehearsal Recordings:
  11. 10. Is It Rolling, Bob?
  12. 11. A Reason
  13. 12. Still Holding On To You
  14. 13. Armed With An Empty Gun
  15. 14. Like Mary
  16. 15. Outside The Dream Syndicate

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