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The Doors
Other Voices + Full Circle (2CD)

The Doors - Other Voices + Full Circle (2CD)

After Jim Morrison died in 1971, the Doors’ surviving members continued making music, releasing two more albums: Other Voices and Full Circle. The former, from 1971, had Krieger and Manzarek on vocals and featured the single “Tightrope Ride.“ Following a successful U.S. tour, the trio returned in 1972 for Full Circle, incorporating more jazzy elements into the arrangements and deluxe packaging that included a wild, foldout zoetrope depicting the human life cycle of a man. Paired together for the first time on a 2-CD set, the Other Voices/Full Circle 2-CD issue includes the rare bonus track “Treetrunk.” Also available: 180g LPs, with Full Circle featuring a faithful reproduction of the original zoetrope cover.

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"Tightrope Ride"


  1. 1. In The Eye Of The Sun
  2. 2. Variety Is The Spice Of Life
  3. 3. Ships w/Sails
  4. 4. Tightrope Ride
  5. 5. Down On The Farm
  6. 6. I’m Horny, I’m Stoned
  7. 7. Wandering Musician
  8. 8. Hang On To Your Life
  9. 9. Get Up And Dance
  10. 10. 4 Billion Souls
  11. 11. Verdilac
  12. 12. Hardwood Floor
  13. 13. Good Rockin’
  14. 14. The Mosquito
  15. 15. The Piano Bird
  16. 16. It Slipped My Mind
  17. 17. The Peking King And The New York Queen
  18. 18. Treetrunk

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