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The Doors
Feast Of Friends (DVD)

The Doors - Feast Of Friends (DVD)

In April of 1968, filming began for what would become the first and only film produced about the Doors, by the Doors. Funded by the band and helmed by friend and fellow film graduate Paul Ferrara, the footage shot for this film would become the well from which the majority of future documentaries and music videos about the band would draw.

This film became Feast of Friends, as Paul Ferrara thought it was a great lyric to use for the title. Other than a few appearances in film festivals the following year, an official release would never be seen.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray.



  1. 1. Feast Of Friends: Encore
  2. 2. The Doors Are Open - A British TV documentary originally aired on December 17th{!} 1968
  3. 3. The End - Filmed in Toronto{!} Canada in August 1967

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