New Releases For November 11, 2013

The Dark Flowers

The Dark Flowers - Radioland

Producer Paul Statham (Kylie Minogue, Dido), came up with the idea for Radioland back in 2009 while reading Shepard's award collection, Motel Chronicles. All he needed was to find a group of like-minded artists willing to assist him in making the project a reality.

Step forward the Dark Flowers, a super group of sorts assembled by Statham - Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), Dot Allison (Massive Attack), Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), singer Shelley Poole, enigmatic folky Helicopter Girl, Norwegian artist Kate Havevnik, and critically acclaimed Catherine A.D. Taking almost three years to come to fruition, Radioland represents a record brimming with enough diverse personalities to draw divine inspiration of its own.

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"When Stars Fall (Featuring Shelly Poole)"


  1. 1. Radioland (Featuring Jim Kerr)
  2. 2. All The Time Running (Featuring Shelly Poole & Charity Hair)
  3. 3. Blue Eyes Are Cheating (Featuring Jim Kerr)
  4. 4. Fast Forest Rain (Featuring Kate Havnevik)
  5. 5. Aim For The Heart (Featuring Catherine AD)
  6. 6. Candle Is The Ring (Featuring Helicopter Girl)
  7. 7. Clean Break (Featuring Peter Murphy)
  8. 8. Diamonds On The Snow (Featuring Dot Allison)
  9. 9. When Stars Fall (Featuring Shelly Poole)
  10. 10. Cellophane Girl (Featuring Shelly Poole)
  11. 11. No Trains Stop Here (Featuring Catherine AD)
  12. 12. Where The Wild Things Are (Featuring Jim Kerr)