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The Daniel Green Show
Between Two Worlds

The Daniel Green Show - Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds, The US debut from The Daniel Green Show, features three tracks with guitar virtuoso Marc Ford (Black Crowes, Burning Tree, Ben Harper).

The hotly-tipped first single, “Here Comes The Silence,” has a dreamy feeling and shows off Green’s deft guitar work and straightforward, almost menacing, vocals. “It’s about when a long-term relationship changes from a joy into a burden,” Green reveals. “When two people come to a place where they can no longer stand each other, there’s nothing left but silence.”

Green credits artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Black Crowes, Nirvana and Radiohead with influencing his musical sound.

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"Here Comes The Silence"


  1. 1. Blur
  2. 2. Dead Man
  3. 3. Hypocrite
  4. 4. Between Two Worlds
  5. 5. Unfeeling
  6. 6. Reservoir Road
  7. 7. Chasing Ghosts
  8. 8. Here Comes The Silence