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The Cox Family
Gone Like The Cotton

The Cox Family - Gone Like The Cotton

Widely known for their Grammy-winning collaboration with Alison Krauss, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, as well as their ravishing performance on the smash-hit soundtrack O Brother, Where Art Thou? the Cox Family make a triumphant return with this album 17 years in the making.

“Solid country-music foundation with sensational harmony singing and inspired song selection.”- Rolling Stone

Producer Alison Krauss reflects, “I can't remember when I've been lucky enough to be witness to a story where such generosity and talent come together so perfectly. . . The Cox Family hold a place in my heart like no other.”

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"Good Imitation Of The Blues"


  1. 1. Good Imitation Of The Blues
  2. 2. Lost Without Your Love
  3. 3. Cash On The Barrelhead
  4. 4. Desire
  5. 5. In My Eyes
  6. 6. Good News
  7. 7. Let It Roll
  8. 8. I’m Not So Far Away
  9. 9. Honky Tonk Blues
  10. 10. Too Far Gone
  11. 11. I’ll Get Over You
  12. 12. Gone Like The Cotton