New Releases For August 19, 2016

The Color Morale
Desolate Divine

The Color Morale - Desolate Divine

While making their fifth full-length album, The Color Morale consciously evolved and expanded their creative palette, while preserving the lyrical message that’s earned them a diehard global fan base, to inspire and influence. Desolate Divine captures the band’s palpable aggression through expansive production, yielding to a bigger sonic backdrop, while preserving the sense of emotional vulnerability they’re known for.

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  1. 1. Lonesome Soul
  2. 2. Clip Paper Wings
  3. 3. Walls
  4. 4. Trail Of Blood
  5. 5. Version Of Me
  6. 6. Home Bittersweet Home
  7. 7. Misery Hates Company
  8. 8. Perfect Strangers
  9. 9. Broken Vessel
  10. 10. Fauxtographic Memory
  11. 11. Keep Me In My Body