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The Choir
Artifact: The Unreleased Album

The Choir - Artifact: The Unreleased Album

The Choir's first release was an acclaimed single on Canadian-American Records (eventually picked up by Roulette). It gained them opening spots for the Who and the Yardbirds among others, but the group eventually dissipated and morphed into other bands including the James Gang, and eventually, Raspberries. Artifact: The Unreleased Album showcases ten tracks, recorded in 1969, making their first appearance anywhere. They resonate with the original Choir vibe, adding in post-British Invasion influences like Procol Harum. Recently unearthed by Suma Recordings operator Ken Hammon’s son, they have been lovingly restored by Tommy Allen and Ducky Carlisle, whose work has been universally lauded after their work on Raspberries’ Pop Art Live.

TAGS: Garage | Oldies | Pop | Rock

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"David Watts"


  1. 1. Anyway I Can
  2. 2. If These Are Men
  3. 3. Ladybug
  4. 4. I Can’t Stay In Your Life
  5. 5. David Watts
  6. 6. Have I No Love To Offer
  7. 7. For Eric
  8. 8. It’s All Over
  9. 9. Boris’ Lament
  10. 10. Mummer Band

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