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The Cars
Move Like This

The Cars - Move Like This

After a string of platinum albums and Top 40 singles made them one of the most popular American rock 'n' roll bands of the late '70s thru mid-'80s, the Cars are back in action with their very first studio album in 24 years. Featuring original band members Ric Ocasek, David Robinson, Elliot Easton & Greg Hawkes, Move Like This recalls the alt-rock minimalist sound the Cars are so well known for, yet at the same time, maintains significant relevance to the music of today.

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"Sad Song"


  1. 1. Blue Tip
  2. 2. Too Late
  3. 3. Keep On Knocking
  4. 4. Soon
  5. 5. Sad Song
  6. 6. Free
  7. 7. Drag On Forever
  8. 8. Take Another Look
  9. 9. It's Only
  10. 10. Hits Me

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