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The Cars
Heartbeat City (Expanded Edition)

The Cars - Heartbeat City (Expanded Edition)

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct the Cars in April, and Rhino is kicking off the celebration early with expanded editions for two of The Cars' most iconic albums - Shake It Up and Heartbeat City. Released in 1984, Heartbeat City peaked at #3 on the charts and launched five tracks that reached the Top 40, including the Top 10 hits "Drive" and "You Might Think." Among the seven bonus tracks included on Heartbeat City: Expanded Edition are unreleased versions of "Why Can't I Have You" and "I Refuse," as well as the demo for "Drive."

TAGS: New Wave | Reissue | Rock

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"Drive (Demo)"


  1. 1. Hello Again
  2. 2. Looking For Love
  3. 3. Magic
  4. 4. Drive
  5. 5. Stranger Eyes
  6. 6. You Might Think
  7. 7. It's Not The Night
  8. 8. Why Can't I Have You
  9. 9. I Refuse
  10. 10. Heartbeat City
  11. Bonus Tracks:
  12. 11. Hello Again (Arthur Baker Remix Version)
  13. 12. Drive (Demo)
  14. 13. One More Time (Early Version Of Why Can't I Have You)
  15. 14. Baby I Refuse (Early Version Of I Refuse)
  16. 15. Jacki (Early Version Of Heartbeat City)
  17. 16. Breakaway (B-Side Of Why Can't I Have You)
  18. 17. Tonight She Comes (From Greatest Hits)

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