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The Brothers Nazaroff
The Happy Prince

The Brothers Nazaroff - The Happy Prince

International klezmer supergroup the Brothers Nazaroff pays joyous tribute to legendary outsider Yiddish troubadour Nathan “Prince” Nazaroff, recorder of the mysterious 1954 Folkways LP Jewish Freilach Songs. Uniting as his spiritual heirs, the Brothers Nazaroff (Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Michael Alpert, Jake Shulman-Ment, Bob Cohen, and Hampus Melin) celebrate the discordant, obscure, jubilant, ecstatic legacy of their Happy Prince. 46 minutes, 44-page booklet with artwork by Ben Katchor and an essay by Michael Wex.

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"Vander Ich Mir Lustig (While I'm Happily Walking)"


  1. 1. Vander Ich Mir Lustig (While I'm Happily Walking)
  2. 2. Tumbala Laika
  3. 3. Ihr Fregt Mich Vos Ich Troier (You Ask Me Why I'm Mournful)
  4. 4. Arum Dem Feier (Around The Fire)
  5. 5. Freilachs (Medley Of Freilachs)
  6. 6. Maidlach Vie Blumen (Girls Are Like Flowers)
  7. 7. Der Koptzen (The Poor Man)
  8. 8. Fishalach (Little Fish)
  9. 9. Ich A Mazeldicker Yid (Oh! Am I A Mazeldicker Jew!)
  10. 10. Maidlid (Maiden Song)
  11. 11. Ich Flee (I Fly)
  12. 12. Yiddel Mit Zein Fidel (Little Jew With His Fiddle)
  13. 13. Krasnoarmeyskaya Pesn' (Red Army Song)
  14. 14. Now Sing Along With The Prince (Hava Nagila)